Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Phoebe Unwin - Silver Shower (2008)

Acrylic and aluminium leaf on linen.

Even when hidden away in the corner of the overcrowded gallery, the simple dark, thick lines layered over the shiny, partly reflective background of this painting caught my eye almost immediately. The painting uses abstract, expressive brush strokes but clearly portrays a shower head precariously leaning out of the wall. The silver and blue colours used give the painting a very cold feeling.

The fact the water coming out of the shower is a lot bigger than the actual shower has a dream like effect on the painting. This combined with the reflectiveness of the background, showing some movement in the painting from people in the gallery, is what I like about it. However, I find that the simplicity of this painting and the subject she has chosen doesn't give much away about what the artist is trying to portray or express. It seems more of an experimentation with materials and colours as opposed to a finished piece.

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