Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Kandinsky's work,his achievements in search of a new form of expression in painting,indeed a new conception of art in general,may still dtrike us as enigmatic and volatile,as if based on no recognizable premise.yet in his case ,as with all other artists,other were formative influences in kandinsky,s childhood and youth.Along with the talent he was born with,he plainly also acquired an inner motivation,a real urge to create.

Add caption Beach baskets in holland,1904   strandkorbe in holland oil on canvas 24x32.6 cm munich, 
But first of all kandinsky underwent the strict discipline of drawing undes at Anton Azb's Art School,which he attended for two years without producing any work of note. Although he hated anatomical drawing, he tried to pick up the basic within a short time.azbe's painting lessons were,however,for more important to him.azbe painted in an impressionist style and so stimulated Kandinsky to use a divisionist technique,using unmixed colours in juxtaposition,a style he later used in his small impressive land-scape studies,for example "Beach Baskets in holland "which is painted in thick patches of paint casually applied next to each other.One already notices the desire to desire to be in sole command of visual elements,but they are strictly systematic (as in post impressionist painting)and they are still far removed far removed from kandinsky's own abstract visual expression.

 Kandinsky was convinced that there was an inner correspondence between a work of art and the viewer.He called this correspondence "Klang"(sound or resonance).The singer could be an early expression of this belief, which kandinsky later illustrated with a similar image in his theoretical work"concerning the Spiritual in art":"Generally speaking,colour is a power which directly influences the soul.colour is the keyboard,the eyes are the hammers,the sou is the piano with the strings.the artist is the hand which plays,touching one key or another,to cause vibrations in the soul.

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