Wednesday, 19 October 2011

             (hunter)2008_ 2009
from the island 2004_ongoing original frame was seen in plymouth musum bas7,work is done using pencil and ink on tracing paper.i did quick sketch using pencil and for the dark tone i use black pen ,what  really liked about this frame is that lady hunter looking up at something and the way she is standing,

i really like this work by the artist and capturing humans figure this kind of practice using pencil to do quick sketch of person and using the messurment to capture the size of human body ,i like to do more of this kind of drawing .and for that i take good example of italian artist such as "Michelangelo"Leonardo davinci"Francesco Granacci"Aristotile da sangello"and so on , i use the lrcto reserch of this artist books and fine the imege than i work on it using pencil in my skitch book. for example the image above its
Michaelangelos pieta is the artists most 'finished work and the only one to be signed'Michaelangelus bonarottus Florentin(us).Faciebat'(on the band the Virgin wears diagonally acoss her breast).The gentleness and refinement of the faces bring to mind the art of leonardo,an undoubted influence on Michelangelo at this stage.the pyramidal composition,with the elegant arrangement of the drapery,achieves an expression of deep harmony between the figures.

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