Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Phoebe Unwin ' Self-Consciousness' 2010

Joe and I looked at the piece 'Self-consciousness' by Phoebe Unwin, we were struck by the bold colours reminiscent of jimi Hendrix and old records from the 60's and 70's giving it a psychedelic feel, this idea of a performance or stage show represented by the bright strokes of paint and silhouette like figure. The painting also presents a modern feel to it through the use of how the medium of spray paint is combined with the other materials. Then, at a second glance, we began to see a deeper meaning behind the painting. The piece made us think of a dream like hazy and distorted image relating to the title 'self-consciousness', as usually we are known to dream in still images and abstract shapes and colours. Also, we felt that the layers of thick coloured paint represented a shield of some sort, almost protecting the image beneath it with an outer character or personality. Overall, the whole image is impenetrable, making it impossible to see or get through the many layers making it one of the most interesting pieces we saw in the museum.

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