Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Although I was ill on Wednesday the 5th of October I have still been the bas7 exhibitions and even though the piece i have chosen to talk about is probably the most obvious piece to choose as you can see the image all over Plymouth on billboards and other advertisements I still felt intrigued as just looking at a poster really doesn't give Brian Giffiths' The Body And Ground (Or Your Lovely Smile) justice. I went along with the general impression that the piece was made of old tents, stitched back together to reform into something totally different. But after being informed by one of the curators I found out that the whole piece was formed from new pieces of canvas that were then stressed and coloured to look old and used, then poles and ropes and badges were added to give the effect that the piece was old and had been used all over the world. I'm in two minds about that fact, I think it's a very clever idea as it tricks the audience at first glance, as the time and effort and precision to detail to make it believable is at a very high standard. But on the other hand another part of me, once i was put straight on how the piece was made is quite disappointed that the complicated idea that i had in visioned in my head was in fact staged or faked, giving me a feeling that i have been cheated. All in all the piece as a whole is very thought provoking and mysterious and maybe my disappointed feeling was in fact the artists whole intention.

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