Wednesday, 19 October 2011

British Art Show 7

British Art Show 7


                 The Folding House ( 2010)

                                                                  Artist: Spartacus Chetwynd
                                                                  DOB  : 1973  London- England-

  • Made of wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminium 
  • Glass ( Courtesy of Sadie Coles Hq -London-)

this piece can be found at:

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

Drake Circus, Plymouth PL4 8

Phone: 01752 304774

During the second visit to the show this is the piece which i shall talk about , the work is of simplicity at is best representing a folding house raise up from the ground on a metal  structure of scaffolding supporting the floor of this house which is  made of wooden panels , a sculpture of large scale made of recycled  materials , the windows has a old feel to it , it has hinges on each panel which can easily be folded into each other in few easy steeps and taken away , some of this windows are covered with various colourful garments of different shapes  as if to keep the weather elements away while still has a open feel to it.
two of this panels were open  as to be invited inside ,which can also be closed if wished , some finnishing situated at one end for extra confort , a very organic feel it has.

Due to touching this piece (  glue on the sides of panels , wood floor untreated ) and got told off by doing so i was given further information regarding the piece , apparently the artist name was acquired not long a go  and that the items under the house  can be actually used as a table , which the artist has demonstrated in different occasions around the country by eating on top of one of the windows, found this interesting that is so versatile , it remind me a tree house with a Japanese feel to it  the only difference is that can be folded and taken away.

On the negative side is that you not allowed to go inside as is raise up and there is no steeps to climb to do so ,cannot be  touch , is inviting to enter but in the same time is not , as the viewer is not allowed to do so , the message which it comes across personally is that means of recycles sources can be used and made beautiful once again , is back to basics  a structure with a touch of elegance due to the garments on the windows and furnishings inside a very organic piece which i enjoyed to visit , would highly recommend to come and see.

Silvia Palazon Lopez
Yr 1 BA  fine Arts Practices

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