Wednesday, 19 October 2011

pheobe unwin

Phoebe Unwin's canvases which are somewhat compelling: there is a kind of inebriating simplicity to the work and graphic like quality also making it almost imposable to walk past without noticing the start contrast of colour pushing though the density of black.

What really speaks to me is how the black has been seemingly scraped off in key areas gives, at first glance the painting gives off an almost vibrant colourful feeling , but as you look closer there is more of a claustrophobic and dark undertones there is a feeling of attempted escape , and struggle almost a confrontation, but then again there is a feeling of release, and escape, I feel an almost instant connection to this painting, the ambiguity of the paining leaves me wanting to know more , and in the end gives me room to make up my own mind about what lies beneath her work

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