Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Melnikov Project, Silver

The true nature of Ian Kiaer's Melnikov Project, Silver only becomes apparent once you notice all of the components that contribute to the whole piece. From the wall, pieces seem sporadically spread across the floor, whilst a similar layout occupies the walls.
The large, neon-yellow colour of the canvas' on the walls reflect off both the walls of the gallery and the other parts of the project. This contrasts the stretched, translucnet linen which, when positioned near to the yellow, is soft to the eye and subtly reflects the colour but remains less stark in comparison.
By introducing mirror into the piece Kiaer has created an alternate dimension to the piece, you see not only what is infront of you but a reflection of what is around as you move through the piece.
The floor arrangement of the sculptures, coupled with the spaced layout of the wall pieces allows the viewer to move within the piece, gaining a new perspective which means that no two viewings of the project are ever the same.

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