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The faces of the Modernism Movement

The faces of the Modernism Movement in different Arts is rather extensive.  From architecture, fine arts , authors, music, each one expressing the movement in the own way, even today Modernism lives on.

Post Modernism Movement

"Post Modernism defects attention away from the singular scrutinizing gaze of the semiologist, and asks that this be replaced by a multiplicity of fragment and frequently interrupted 'looks'." 
postModerism and popular cuLture by Angela Mcrobbie 1994 by Routledge, London

This means that post modernism is far away from the semiologist. Semiotics  is the science of understanding language by means of words, images and symbolism, which is represented in different mediums/ forms. Post modernism is more interested in playing with anything and everything to make art, often to shock. Post modernists show other ways of representing and interpreting life. 

Tracey Emin


Tracey Emin seems to have taken many of the movements seen throughout post modernism. Using shock to show a more detailed sexual content of her person life. She also fits into feminism as she talks lots about the female body as a woman's perspective. She uses intertextuality in many of her works. She uses text, not only to bring words, to us in  colour, humour, revealing of a woman's thoughts, often of intimate times. She is also included in the narcissistic movement due to the majority of her work being personal. Has shown that when she feels attacked/ criticised she retaliates and attacks back. 

After the research of many of the movements described above, the following piece is rather suited, named 'Love Poem 1996'. The piece is made using embroidery of many coloured letters with a contrast between them, describing an intimate moment.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a post- modernist artist in the musical form due to her using elements of shock, feminism and pastiche. The idea of pastiche can be seen as she is manipulating and imitating something that has already been produced. She is seen to be using elements of Madonna's music as well as the way she changes her fashion and look. She uses already made factors for this reason she is today's post- Modernist in a musical context, touching many areas of the early modernists due  to already made art included in the way she uses role play. Overall she is an artist that has managed, after everything mention, to remain somehow original. 


"Modernism was a broad movement encompassing all the avant-garde isms of the first half of the 20th century. Although different modern-isms were often incompatible (and occasionally antagonistic) they all rejected the dominance of Naturalism and Academicism in favour of experimental art.

The common trend was to seek answers to fundamental questions about the nature of art and human experience."
...Isms : Understanding Art - S. Little -,p.98 (Herbert Press .London 2004)

Mecano ( Spanish Pop Group)  -  Eugenio Salvador Dali

Cubism ,Dada,Surrealism
"Cubism was perhaps the most important  and certainly the most complete and radical artistic revolution since the Renaissance."

Cubism: A history & an analysis 1907- 1914 -John Golding- (J. Golding ) ( faber and Faber Limited 24 Russel Square -London) 

*  During the Art history, before Cubism, there was a progressive change on way the world was seen by society and so is the art. Cubism on the other hand was completely different to what was known before , the art world was completely transformed .

La Sagrada Familia

The Spanish (Catalan)named Antoni Gaudí i Cornet  is a example of Modernism. A man well ahead of his time, with a vivid imagination he was creating architecture that was different to that of the time, with shapes, decorations which never seen before , only he dreamed off .   

A city which dreams are seen with your eyes due to his creations which left us captivated even today , La Sagrada Familia  couldn't be completed due to the flamboyant Architect ... changing his mind and of his construction and more and more got added. A big scale work which I hope to see completed in my life time. 


The list go on...  the all have something in common which is a Vivid Imagination.

Pablo Picasso was just this, his creativity gave us    the blue period, the rose period, Cubism, a painter/sculptor (using mix media) with another way of seeing the world .

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