Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"The Next Big Thing"

George Shaws contribution to the British Art Show 7 consists of three A0 sized photorealistic paintings based on areas in Coventry. "The Next Big Thing" is the first composition from left to right, it is finished in colour enamel and poses as a darkly light viewpoint of what appears to be a grim landfill sight protected behind a very perfect, shiny metal fence. The whole composition appears to be dark and dismal , even the way Shaw has portrayed the british weather in its depressing state. There appears to be a silhouette of a deciduous tree spouting into the sky, this could be interpreted as an outlook on himself. The very limited writeup on the artists work in the BAS7's handout states; "he focuses on change; these works document once familiar streets that have been altered by time and convey deep understanding of this place". Perhaps the places he has documented have significant relevance to times in his life such as his childhood memories and after revisiting these places he has found they have gone, demolished and maybe renewed for the newer generations, the world is changing and and his memories cannot be revisited. The atmosphere within the scene is generally disturbing and shows no form of life, almost like he has purposely attempted to show this place bitterly as the nostalgic place that he once knew has changed without him. There is reference to old and new within the piece which presents us with some irony as it could be self explanatory, we comprehend the basic concept of the piece or easily make a conclusion on what it could mean.

William Danby

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