Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Truth study

British art show Peninsula

Wolfgang Tillman’s Truth Study

This work consists of 8 glass tops wooden benches each different in heights and size all was a selection of various newspaper cutting, leaflets, posters, photographs, internet print offs, extracts from scientific journals, lottery tickets, restaurant menus, brochures and much, much more

At first glance this piece is just a random selection of different topics ranging from space and time to religion and crime, current trends, drugs, nature all a big mish mash of topics and things of hight intrest today.

Sins childhood Tillman has collected scrap books of subjects that currently concern him and I think this is the case here I think the artist is trying to communicate some of the insanity and contradictions of todays modern world, in this work he brings together so many issues facing todays people highlighting today attitudes to things such a world hunger depicting desperately malnourished children in third world country’s placed next to Malteaser wrappers with highlighted calorie counts while another ridicules a weight loose advert directed at women who are already of a healthy size but then go on to promote the new fad of size zero, these storm contrast really made me think about where my priority’s are. the tables also has an article outlining the Vatican views on homosexuality lying new to reports of young teenage boys being put to dead through hanging for crimes against Sharia law in Iran, I’m not shore where’s Tillman’s piece is passive or aggressive, weather it is simply informing you of the worlds injustices or weather it is trying to invoke a strong reaction there is such a wide range of topics covered that the meaning to anyone person will be completely different to another based on the personal and political views.

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