Wednesday, 30 November 2011

PHEOBE UNWIN- Self Conscious


The artists paintings shifts between figuration and abstraction creating a personal register of images, marks, observations of reality, constructs of a memory or indirect references to particular places and events. Unwin teases and collages images, shapes and forms together in pastel, pencil and acrylic creating elusive, colourful abstract painting imbrued with a darker, often sinister psychological narrative. The oil painting 'Self Conscious' reminds me of Jimi Hendrix, the colours show his personality. The layers show that the theme 'self conscious' could be that he is hiding something from by the colours of the dark figure. the setting could be some sort of rock band up on stage; dark images you see in a dream, things you try to remember but can only analyse shapes that are blurred.

''Exciting to think that anything can be a painting...''.

By looking at it from a distance; the texture looks so bold and makes you want to touch it. Big canvas, no frame, its simple! The light areas show the outside part of the figure, creating strong lines, could be an atmospheric stage; the dark ages show the figure. Traces of movement reflect around the outside of the figure.

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