Wednesday, 9 November 2011



“Once the distinctions between the visual arts and other forms of intellectual sustenance are blurred in the pan-cultural soup of Post-modernism, nothing means anything precisely, everything is individually interpretable by anybody, and the deliberately obscure language of this anybody or group of anybodies becomes an art form in itself, for in Post-modernism art and language are one and the same and everything is text.” – Brian Sewell

I chose this particular quote as it defines Post-modernism in a more negative perspective. Brian Sewell expresses how postmodern art has changed the world of art, making it completely meaningless, and in a way I agree with him. However, Post-modernism exists heavily through today’s present architecture, fashion, design and even theatre performance making it a huge influence in today’s culture.

Mr. Brainwash is a well-known post-modern graffiti artist inspired by the work of Banksy. Unlike Banksy, His work portrays a more meaningless, repetitive feel, through the use of combining older material from other artists and current trends. I chose this particular piece of his work to represent how he works in this ‘Pastiche’ way. This piece itself represents the character ‘Spock’ from the famous programme ‘Star Trek’, combined with the look of Marilyn Monroe, both familiar faces from our past. Mr. Brainwash continues this work with a series of other pictures containing a combination of Marilyn Monroe and another famous faces. I feel this makes the repetition meaningless much like the work of Andy Warhol’s. However I feel his pieces express a more humorous feel.

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