Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Our homes are the most familiar spaces to us, and what we do to them is a deeply personal expression of ourselves. Winston Churchill wrote that 'we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us'

A home is a place of residence or refuge. When it refers to a building, it is usually a place in which an individual or a family can rest and store personal property my home is made up of things that don’t really matter and things that really do. Where I keep them what is shown what is not all make up who I am and in turn reflect the soul of my home, because it shows the people who live there even if we’re not in the house to talk to there are still things you will understand on entering   our home ,  we like to watch  TV  but prefer music , both paint, one teaching , on studying, enjoy  a drink, and both cook,  watch films,  and like to spend time just on our own our rooms. 


as children many of  us  found the safest place in our room, under the bed, obscured , and hiding from the trouble  that we had brought about,  strange to think that darkest most confined space can seem like the safest and sometimes only option, but in turn can become prison  like   - with the shout of  'Get to your room' when finally caught for misbehavior . but still our room is the place we can go to  and just be  the ultimate refuge and true soul of your home simply put its a reflection of you and how you are.

What shapes the home, builds up the soul of the home is those who occupy them people can own all manner of things yet the house can still feel empty. or visa-verse…

again as children many of us liked the explore the non –space of the home, I cant count the hours spent playing in corridors of my friends houses or on the stairs, we aim to make that space that seems to belong to no-one belong to us  

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